Usher rumored Molested Again

After divorce with Tameka Foster, singer Usher having love with the manager, Miguel Grave. However, recent rumors of their relationship crack because Usher cheating.

As reported by Showbiz Spy, Wednesday (15/12/2010), the singer hits the ‘OMG’ was reportedly having an affair with Saidah. The woman is one of the dancers on tour Usher.

Eyewitnesses reveal Grave furious when I discovered it, when it threatened to derail Grave Usher concert in Virginia, USA.

This is not the first time ever, Usher cheating partner. In 2003, relations with the personnel TLC Usher, Rozonda ‘Chilli’ Thomas ended also because he was having an affair.

Recently, Usher diving accident during a concert in New York. Usher invited a fan who climbed onto the stage accidentally kicked his face.

Fortunately, the owner’s full name Usher Raymond IV was not injured. “We played very rough in bed, kicking each other face is a natural thing,” he said after the accident.

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