A Many-Stranded Collaboration for Person-Centred Care

A Many-Stranded Collaboration for Person-Centred Care

Person-centred care is a care model that sees and treats patients, families, and hospital staff as human beings rather than focussing solely on clinical needs. From the patient’s point of view, it’s about having clinical, personal, and practical needs considered and their care plan shaped to include the full array of support they would benefit from, to achieve the best outcomes. Space Co-Lab is the driving force and collaborative body behind the development of the model, supported by a team of volunteers who help patients in ICU as well as family and staff. The project has a number of dynamic strands, and as it attracts further collaborators will only continue to grow.

Patient and Family Team Volunteers
The PFT has 8 volunteers, working solo or in pairs to cover 5-6 days per week in ICU. On arrival each morning, they meet with the Clinical Nurse Specialist (Stephen Pearson), who highlights patients that could benefit from holistic and/or practical support. Holistic support includes befriending and…
Our Multi-disciplinary Meetings
Another strand of Space Col-Lab is our weekly multi-disciplinary meeting, during which we discuss all long-term ICU patients, working collaboratively to consider and deliver what’s best for each of them. The meeting takes place every Tuesday afternoon for 90 minutes, and its format and function has…
Public and Patient Involvement and Engagement
This is a burgeoning strand of Space Co-Lab’s work, building a database of people who want to be involved in co-designing the person-centred care model. This includes ex-patients and their families, who are an important voice in the design of critical care services. We held several engagement events…

You are invited!

The collaborative base we’re developing is diverse, ranging from ex-patients to academics, from donors to thought leaders, from clinicians to non-clinical volunteers, and press contacts to business owners. We invite everyone interested in seeing the person-centred care model expand and succeed to get in touch. Every voice is welcome, every contribution gratefully received.

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Our Story

The seed of person-centred care was sown during the pandemic, when Intensive Care patients were isolated from their families and tumbling down the rabbit hole of a clinical journey. Barricaded by PPE, the ICU experience at the time was highly stressful and disorienting. This difficult environment led to the birth of the Family Liaison Team – a group of volunteers whose role it was to re-establish links with patients’ families, learn more about them as people, and provide a much-needed measure of softness, reassurance, and practical care.

When lockdown ended and hospital restrictions were lifted, the Family Liaison Team was no longer needed in its existing form, but clinical leaders saw value in reshaping it to meet ongoing patient, family, and staff needs. The Family Liaison Team became the Patient and Family Team (PFT), within which our volunteers meet emotional and practical patient and family needs that might otherwise be lacking.

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